The Top Three Coffee Machines for the Office


At times, the working day can seem monotonously long and often, the only thing that can offer a pick-me-up is a good old cup of coffee. Taking a break for brew can boost productivity, maximise output and help to enrich relationships between employees. And during a formal meeting, coffee breaks welcome a pause for participants to share their ideas. People always tend to feel at ease more in a relaxed environment. A coffee machine is the perfect way to introduce this.

But with so many Coffee Machines out there, finding the right one for the office can be a difficult task. To help, we’ve compiled a list of our top three Coffee Machines for the Office.

Nespresso Zenius Zn100 Pro Coffee Machine


The Zenius Coffee Machine from Nespresso is easy to use and efficient Capsule Machine that offers both fast and high output. The compact machine is stylish with a professional look and its quality performance makes it perfect for the office environment. The machine is pecifically designed to satisfy the demands of professional needs.

Hot water, Ristretto, Espresso and Lungo Coffees are produced at the touch of the button, heat-up takes around 35-seconds to be precise. You spend minimal time preparing your brew during your break. Inserting and ejecting the capsules is the job of the user but with 25-capsule capacity, this should only need to be done at the end of the working day. The water tank holds up to two litres. This means several cups can produced at any one time. The tank is also removable which makes for easy cleaning.

Zenius offers a power saving mode meaning there is zero energy consumption when the machine is not being used, perfect for helping businesses comply with energy regulations. The recommended number of user is ten-plus so it’s perfect for any office environment. Retailing at around £358 new or £250 second-hand, it won’t break the bank. This is the ultimate investment for the office.



Morphy Richards Accents 162010 Filter Coffee Pour Over

Morphy Richards tend to ace it when it comes to kitchen equipment and this Filter Coffee Machine is no exception. The machine comes in Brushed Stainless Steel, sporting the perfect professional look for the office. And as well as looking sleek, it produces pour over coffee with fuller flavour and smoother taste. All with the convenience of an automatic filter machine.

As we’re sure you know, Pour Over coffee is usually a manual method of brewing, hence the fuller flavour and smoother taste. This is because the water is poured steadily, by hand meaning the grounds are able to fully blossom and release the subtle tastes that are sometimes missed from a traditional drip machine.

However, Morphy Richards have combined that superior taste from manual Pour Over coffee with the ease and convenience of a programmable machine.

The machine’s 1.8-litre capacity meaning that it can make 12 cups in one go. Everyone is able to enjoy a brew at the same time! It also comes with an adjustable strength selector so you can personalise each brew to your tastes. Every employee can enjoy the perfect cup of coffee for them. The cup warmer is able to keep drinks warm for up to 30-minutes. So, if you are unexpectedly called away from your cuppa, you can be safe in the knowledge it will still be warm when you return.

All of this for just £49.00, plus it comes with a two-year guarantee. Perhaps the cheapest but best investment you can make the office.


De’Longhi ECAM650.75 PrimaDonna Elite Bean-to-Cup Coffee

Okay, so this machine more of a mouthful than others on the list and at £1,399.99, it’s somewhat more expensive. Though, if you’re a business owner that as able to commit to such an expense, it’s well worth it. De’Longhi have created the ultimate combination of state-of-the-art coffee technology, dynamic design and convenience to come with the best Bean-to-Cup machine you’ll find. This machine is able to satisfy every desire with both style and taste.

It is able to produce Espresso, Latte, Cappuccino, Flat white, Americano with either beans or ground coffee. With its simple touch screen technology or coffee app on your smartphone, every beverage can be tailored to your preference. The touch display allows direct access to all your favourite drinks and you can adjust. You can save recipes for up to six personal profiles.

The coffee dispenser is adjustable for cups between 87 and 142 mm, great if you require a larger cup to get you through the day. The machine can prepare two cups with a single brewing cycle. Plus, with a 2-litre tank, up to 14 cups can be produced at any one time. And like the Morphy Richards, it comes with a cup warmer so you can have the peace of mind your brew won’t go cold if you’re unable to drink it immediately.

This is a great machine if you’re after a state-of-the-art Bean-to-Cup Machine and can afford the expensive. The compatibility with a mobile app means that users can essentially make their brew from their desk. A great touch and one that is not found of many machines. However, if that hefty price tag just isn’t enough, then the other machines on this are more than competent enough to produce great coffee.