Cheap Filter Coffee Machine: Under £100


Our experts have already delivered the best cheap Capsule, Bean-to-Cup and Espresso Coffee Machines on the market. We have provided extensive information on a vast range of such machines for under £100 and we hope that our experts’ search has been helpful.

However, you may still not have found what you’re looking for. If you’re after something a tad more simple, a Filter Coffee Machine may foot the bill for you.

Cookworks Filter Coffee Maker – £16.99


Not only is this cheap Filter Coffee Machine under £100 but it is also under £20! The ultimate and affordable way to enjoy the finest coffee away from any barista.

The machine sports a 24-hour programme timer meaning you can set the machine to prepare coffee in time for you waking up. What better way to start the day? And with a ten-cup capacity and water indicator, the machine is perfect for entertaining guests or even office use.

It even features a keep warm function, perfect fr if you’re distract as you can return to a still-hot brew. The auto shut-down is a brilliant addition for the energy conscious also.

DeLonghi ICM15210 Filter Coffee Machine – £29


DeLonghi always seem to produce when it comes to Coffee Machines and this cheap Filter Coffee Machine is no different. In terms of design, the exterior is flawlessly stylish with a black and silver finish.

Using the machine is incredibly easy and features a 1.3 litre water tank meaning it can produce up to ten cups of coffee, perfect if you have family or friends round.

Much like the Cookworks Filter Coffee Machine, it sports a keep warm function and auto shut-down. In addition to this, it also boasts a thermostatic hotplate.


Russell Hobbs Legacy Filter Coffee Maker 20682 – £34.99

This machine is available in metallic red, cream and stainless steel so you’re sure to be able to find the right one to match your kitchen.

With advanced showerhead technology, the machine provides great tasting coffee through improved coffee extraction at the optimum temperature for coffee. And the 24 hour programmable timer means you can wake up or arrive home to the delicious smell of a freshly brewed cup. The one hour keep warm function is also incredible handy if you like to take the time to savour your coffee.

The filter is reusable meaning you will save a small fortune on paper filters and is dishwasher safe making for some pleasingly easy cleaning.

Ninja CF060UK Coffee Machine – £99.99


At just one penny less than £100, this is the most expensive machine on our list but our experts assure us that it is well worth the extra expense if you can manage it.

This isn’t just a cheap Filter Coffee Machine but rather, a Coffee Bar. The Ninja will produce a range of smooth, balance and delicious coffee drinks that will rival any Costa. You really are able to enjoy coffee your way.

You simply insert your favourite blend into the machine as you would, select your preferred strength and desired size, touch one button and the fantastic combination of Smooth Brew and Auto-iQ technologies will do all of the hard work for you.

And the glass carafe and intelligent warming plate means your brew will be automatically kept at optimum temperature for longer meaning you don’t have to down it to get the best flavour.