Bean to Cup Coffee Machines

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By far and away the most versatile machines on the market. Bean-to-Cup machines have in-built bean grinders and produce filter coffee directly into a cup simply by pressing a button. Many also have milk dispensers and steaming arms should you prefer a milky brew.

There are a few drawbacks with Bean-to-Cup machines thus it’s small wonder many of the brands we review focus their attention on this style. Admittedly, they do require attention such as removing used coffee ASAP, the stuff can mould in as little as 24 hours so it can make for a nasty surprise.

The ease of use far outweighs the cleaning issues here. It’s a decision that should be clear if you prefer a simple process but like a good brew. If the cleaning problems, are a stumbling block, opt for a more basic model. You’ll have no steam arm to clean and a manual loading system meaning you can’t forget about the waste.