Capsule Coffee Machines

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Level in terms of ease of use with Filter Machines; Capsule machines make use of single use pods to produce a variety of coffee products. A great system; insert pod, press button, receive coffee – why bother with anything else?

Well, Pods and Capsules are notoriously expensive and generally taste artificial thanks to the freeze-drying process that keeps them fresh. Many flavours have been created in partnership with the likes of Oreo and Cadbury, faithful recreations but taste very synthesized.

There’s also the waste issue. Nescafe use aluminium which is recyclable across the country but others use plastic. This is of course is very harmful to the environment. Pod waste is disposed of in landfill sites and cannot be recycled overall. Our capsule brand reviews explain which pods are environmentally friendly.

A lot of Capsule machines produce brilliant results and some have the facility to brew lattes and cappuccinos with steamed milk. They’re very cheap but this refers to the initial cost; pods can be expensive and as they are single use, you’ll need lots of them. If you can live with the expense for the sake of ease; Capsule machines are for you.