Cheap Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machines: Under £100


If you’re on the look out for a decent Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machine but don’t have the funds to splash out, we set our experts to work on finding the best cheap Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machines on the market. These won’t cost you an arm and a leg and they’re still sure to a competent job, delivering a delicious brew.

Our experts tried and tested all of the cheap Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machines they could find with none costing more than £100. They got back to us and we compiled a list so you can take yours home today.

Melitta Optima Filter Coffee Machine – £59.99


This is one cheap Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machine that will never fail to delight with its simplicity and quality. Modern in both design and performance, its features are user friendly, including a detachable filter united (easy for cleaning), drip stop, transparent water jug, glass jug, external water level display, illuminated on/off switch, an incorporated timer and descaling functions.

The design is sleek and the integrated timer function is particularly helpful if you want to wake up to freshly brewed coffee. The machine is designed specifically for use with paper filters for a quality tasting brew. Helpfully, the machine is pre-programmed to keep coffee warm for 30 minutes, however, you can increase this up to two hours if needed.

Cooks Professional Bean to Cup Coffee Maker – £59.99


The D9896 is currently on offer on Groupon for less than £60.00 and what a bargain it is. This cheap Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machine is eco-friendly, sporting a reusable mesh filter which can be used with ready ground, beans or filter coffee. The sizeable 1.5litre carafe and water tank means the machine can make up to 12 cups of coffee, perfect if you’re entertaining or you’re looking to use the machine in the office.

The coffee jug us hand wash only and the machine itself can be simply wiped with a cloth meaning little maintenance is required, and if you’re struggling for space, the machine is incredibly compact meaning it will take up no space at all. If you struggle with technology, the display is easy to use so you needn’t have any qualms.

Swan SK32020N Bean to Cup Coffee Maker – £99.00


This machine is slightly more expensive than the previous two models mentioned but still less than £100.00, it remains an incredibly cheap Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machine. If you love quality coffee then look no further. Simply pop the beans into this machine and it will grind them to brew you the perfect cup, in fact, it will brew up to ten, so it’s also perfect if you have guests. The digital controls with LCD are incredibly easy to use and the 24-hour fully programmable timer means you can arrive home or wake up to the smell of a fresh brew.

The Swan SK32020N comes with a one year warranty so should anything go wrong with your machine, you can exchange it for another with the first 12-months of purchase.

Andrew James Coffee Maker Machine with Bean to Cup Grinder – £89.99


Our experts really raved about this cheap Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machine and out of all the Coffee Machines they have ever tested, this is one of their favourites. Andrew James incorporate not only style but also convenience and performance into this little beauty. With a 24 hour programmable timer and integrated grinder, you’re able to have the freshest possible coffee, whenever you would like it.

With a capacity of up to 12 cups, the machine is perfect for office use or if you happen to be entertaining guests, or if everybody else in your family suddenly decides they want a brew too. You are also able to set the strength of your brew from weak, medium or strong, a great feature for such a cheap Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machine. The coffee itself takes just minutes to brew.

The anti-drip spout shuts off whenever the jug is removed and the gauge found at the side of the machine will always let you know when the water needs filling. This can be used with beans or with ready ground beans or filter coffee., picking up all the delicious flavour and filtering through into the carafe. It will keep your brew warm for up to thirty minutes, perfect if you unexpectedly get distracted. Maintenance of the machine is easy, the mesh filter us removable for cleaning and the machine itself can be simply wiped with a damp cloth. Also, you will receive a two-year fixed warranty, the value for money really can’t be knocked.