Coffee Cocktail: Recipes to take the edge away


For many, coffee acts a pick-me-up and a cup or two will ensure that you get through the day and get everything that you to do, done. It can give you that kick you need, hence why Coffee Machines are so popular nowadays!

However, we’re very much aware that sometimes, coffee just doesn’t do it, or if you’re home after a long day, you may need something a little stronger. We appreciate this, though it does not mean you have ditch coffee and switch your Coffee Machine off. There many delicious Coffee Cocktail recipes that feature both coffee and a little drop of alcohol.

Our experts tried a number of combinations and delivered their verdict.

Hot Russian

coffee-692316_960_720For this Coffee Cocktail, you will need, 20ml of vodka, 10ml of vanilla syrup, a dash of whipping cream and one espresso.

Prepare the espresso using your Coffee Machine, whether it be a pod in a Capsule Machine, your traditional Espresso Machine such as the De’Longhi EC820 or a capable Bean-to-Cup Machine such as the Jura J6. Pour the espresso into a martini glass followed by the vodka and vanilla syrup. Once this is done, pour the still liquid, cold whipping cream into the glass to form two layers. Enjoy and then maybe have another…

Rum Velvet

This velvety concoction requires 25ml of chocolate liqueur, 25ml of dark rum, 25ml of whipping cream, two cubes of semisweet chocolate and a brew of medium roast coffee, from wither a capsule or Bean-to-Cup Machine.

Take a martini glass and pour in the chocolate liqueur, rum and coffee before stirring well. Next, take the whipping cream and pour over the back of a teaspoon so it floats on top of the mixture, again forming two layers. Grate the two cubes of chocolate over the finished product and then appreciate the tasty results of a delicious Coffee Cocktail.

Brandy Coffee


The name of this one may give it away a little but nonetheless, you will need; 25ml of chocolate liqueur, 25ml of brandy, one espresso, 25ml of whipping cream, a handful of crushed ice and an optional half a teaspoon of grated nutmeg, cocoa or cinnamon.

Prepare the espresso using your Coffee Machine, and then place in a cocktail shaker with the chocolate liqueur, brandy and whipping cream. Add the crushed ice and shake vigorously. Strain the mixture into a glass, sprinkle with nutmeg, cocoa or cinnamon if you wish. And now enjoy and forget your troubles.

Baileys Cream Coffee


Much like Brandy Coffee, the name of this Coffee Cocktail kind of gives the drink away. You’ll need 25ml of chocolate sauce, 30ml of Baileys or any other cream liqueur, 30ml of milk foam and an espresso.

To make, brew your espresso and milk foam using your Coffee Machine, add to a glass containing the chocolate sauce and Baileys. Kick back and enjoy, it’s as simple as that!

Golden Eye



For this James Bond inspired recipe you’re going to need an espresso times two, 40ml of advocaat, 150ml of full fat milk, half a teaspoon each of cinnamon and cardamom powder, a sprinkly of vanilla sugar and if you’re entertaining guests, a gold leaf for decoration.

Uisng your Coffee Machine, foam some milk. Add the advocaat into a cup followed by the double serving of freshly brewed espresso, top the drink with the foam and sprinkle with the cinnamon and cardamom powder. If you’re feeling fancy, finish with a golden leaf.