Coffee Machine Tips: Do’s and Don’ts.


Owning a Coffee Machine is great, whether it be an Espresso Machine, Bean-to-Cup, or Capsule. Whatever machine you have, it’s your pride and joy, bringing you the perfect brew every day. Though, as we all know all too well, like with any kitchen appliance, things can sometimes go wrong with Coffee Machines.

In order to avoid as many mishaps as possible, we’ve compiled a list of the biggest do’s and don’ts for Coffee Machine owners. If you follow this mini guide of Coffee Machine tips, the chances of anything going wrong with your Coffee Machine should be minimalised.


When you first start your machine up, and for the few times after that, be sure to read the instructions before use.

Always remove the water tank from the machine when filling it.

When you are filling thank, always use fresh water.

In regards to emptying the coffee grounds container, always do this when the machine is switched ON.

Descale your machine regularly, especially if you own an Espresso Machine.


Never ever add more than two level measuring spoons of ground coffee to the filler funnel. This funnel may be for ground coffee but it is in no way designed for ground coffee storage.

Only ever add ground coffee to the filler funnel. Cocoa powder, soluble coffee or any other similar coffee substitute such as chicory coffee is a huge no go.

Similarly, do not use any coffee beans that have been treated with additives.

Do not use caramelised coffee beans, only use roasted, untreated coffee beans with your Coffee Machine.

When the machine is running, do not remove the drip tray or coffee grounds container.

If the machine is not in use, do not leave it ON.

You should never wait for the machine to remind you it needs descaling. DO this of your own accord.

Try to avoid leaving your Coffee Machine in extended periods of storage. If you are leaving your machine in storage for some time, be sure to descale it first.

In terms of storage for beans, do NOT use the fridge to store beans.C