Coffee Machines Under £100


We’re all too aware that not everyone is looking to spend thousands on a coffee machine. If you do have that kind of money to spend, you could probably afford to go to Starbucks everyday rather than making your own! The needs of many coffee lovers can be met by a product that costs less than £100…you just need to know where to look.

To make this process easy for you, we’ve compiled our guide to the ten best coffee machines under £100. From Bean-to-Cup to the very best Filter Coffee machines on the market, we’ve covered everything and you might just find a bargain here.


Cuisinart One Cup Grind and Brew – £99.99

If you only need one cup of coffee brewing at a time; this machine is the one to look at. The Cuisinart not only brews coffee but also has an in-built grinder to give you the freshest taste and all for less than £100! And if you prefer, it can even be used with pre-ground beans.

The system is fully automatic, easy to clean and cost effective. Simply push a button and  a cup will be produced in next to no time. All the removable parts are dishwasher safe to save you scrubbing and the drip tray can even be adjusted to suit your cup of choice.

The machine itself is very compact and sold with 100 disposable filters. And in further good news, the Cuisinart is sold by Lakeland who offer a superb three year, no quibble warranty.


Sabichi Stainless Steel Coffee Maker – £99.00

A Manual Espresso Machine for less than £100 may not fill you with much confidence, particularly when you look at the extortionate prices of some other models, but this little machine can more than hold its own against them.

A stylish design that features a 1.5 litre, removable tank and simple controls, the Sabichi has taken everything a Manual Espresso machine should be and simplified it. There are three buttons: On/Off, Espresso and Cappucino. All you need to do is load ground coffee into the receptacle, apply some pressure and press the button of choice.

Granted, if you’re after a cappuccino, you will need to make use of the built in steam arm but for less than £100, a little effort goes a long way.

The Sabichi is an excellent example of a budget Manual Machine. It does everything you need it to do, except for bean grinding. Sadly, it doesn’t make any mention of warranty in its paperwork. It’s best to purchase through Amazon and opt in on their two or three year warranty cover at minimal cost.


Kenwood KMix CM030GY – £90.00

Hardly pushing the boundaries of modern technology, the Kenwood KMix is a Filter Coffee Machine that couldn’t be more simple if it tried. Despite an advanced market, Filter Machines still hold a secure place amongst coffee connoisseurs around the world. The slow infusion is incomparable and Kenwood have recognised this with the KMix.

The tank is relatively small, one litre brews six cups but the machine itself is very compact at less than 3kg. The design is very retro and it will look at home in any kitchen.

Kenwood are a reliable brand, they have always been known as a quality brand but have no real specialism. There are cheaper Filter machines on the market but thanks to its attractive design, reliable manufacturing and 12 month guarantee, this one is well worth the extra spend.

Russell Hobs
Russell Hobbs

Russell Hobbs 14899 Platinum – £89.99

A list featuring machines under £100 had to feature Russell Hobbs eventually and it does so, in the form of this Grind and Brew model, an exceptional machine for such a low price. Undoubtedly, the most important feature of this machine is its LCD screen. This makes it far more user friendly than its competitors, some of which basically ask you to brew blindly!

The built-in timer here is combined with the option to select how many cups you would like. This is a nice feature if you can pinpoint how many cups you’ll need at a given moment. For the price, it is also surprising that the machine features a permanent filter and a sturdy looking in-built bean grinder. We expected them to be suspect looking plastic but they actually seem very durable.

The obvious con of this machine is its weight. It isn’t the largest machine on the market but it weighs an inordinate 100kg, hopefully you’ve got some study counter tops to handle this heavyweight.

In truth, this is an everyday machine and shouldn’t be reserved for occasions, the price doesn’t reflect the brilliant functionality; it’s simply excellent.


Bosch Tassimo T34 Joy – £89.00

Capsule machines are generally sold on the basis that they are simple to use, Bosch have certainly taken up that premise with the T34. There’s only two buttons on the machine, Power and Brew; that’s it!

For the price, you would think the machine would be a bit dumb witted but in actual fact, the T34 has an innovative barcode scanning system that recognises the pod inserted. It also brews based on the perfect preset built into its software. Plus, Bosch’s sensoFlow technology means no heating up time, it’s ready when you are!

Tassimo pods are purchasable from bargain shops meaning they are fairly inexpensive. They also have a very expansive product range, this machine is well worth considering if you’re on a budget, have a varied taste and enjoy a quick, easy brew.


Krups Dolce Gusto KP120840 Mini Me – £75.85

Bizarrely, as prices fall, we’re actually encountering some of the biggest and best brands on the market. You might be lulled into thinking these models aren’t as good as the mid-range options from lesser known brands but it’s quite the opposite.

Krups have taken all of their experience and know how they put into their high end machines and condensed it for their entry level models.

The Mini Me follows a Capsule system that uses the Dolce Gusto pods. It boast a straightforward design that accepts a single pod and allows you to select the ‘volume’ you would like from your brew…essentially posh way of setting how much coffee you’d like!

The tank is some 0.8 litres, just enough for six average cups. So you may have to fill the machine more often than you’d like but it is fully detachable. If you use the machine on its full volume setting, you probably wouldn’t get six cups but such a compact unit wouldn’t benefit from an increased tank size. This would unbalance the overall design.

This model is the top of Krups’ Dolce Gusto range and whilst there is a similar model available for £50, it’s wise to opt for the higher end option. 

Russell Hobbs

Russell Hobbs Brita Purity Filter Coffee Maker – £72.00

It was never going to be long before Brita came into the market for filtering coffee. This crossover with Russell Hobbs has resulted in an excellent example of a Filter Coffee Machine.

It is programmable in terms of time and volume, boasting a sizeable 1.3 litre tank. The biggest problem we always seem to experience with Brita products given how expensive the replacement filters are. That said, the Purity has a permanent filter that can be cleaned – no problem here!

The Purity heats up faster than previous Brita branded models and 75% faster than many rival machines. There’s also a heated base plate to keep brewed coffee warm and palatable. Auto shutdown takes effect after 30-minutes of inactivity, great for those energy conscious among you.

Filtered water is very important in the modern age and, with little to no post purchase cost, you can’t go wrong with the Purity.


Andrew James 15 Bar Barista Coffee Machine – £79.99

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to make barista style Espresso coffee at home, now is your chance. Novices may initially struggle with this Andrew James model but with a bit of practice, you’ll be brewing perfect coffee in no time.

The machine takes everything a Manual Espresso Machine is and ever will be, and packs it into a small product. A product that happens to cost less than two-weeks of daily Starbucks! A straight-forward design and a steam arm makes this a great option and is really everything you need.

The tank is 1.7 litres, enough for 14 cups and is detachable for easy filling and cleaning. The system also works on 15 bar pressure, ideal for brewing Espresso; why would you want to use anything else?


Braun BRA KF560/1 – £65.00

Perhaps not the most memorable name of all time but Braun’s entry to list is a brilliant example of a basic, functional Filter Coffee Machine. Excluding the jug, the BRA only has two moving parts on the whole system.

The Braun receives favourable reviews overall but has drawn criticism. Its predecessor included a Brita water filter but this refreshed model doesn’t share that feature. No doubt that has something to do with the ludicrous pricing of replacement Brita filters.

Simplicity that produces superb coffee, it’s a shame it uses paper filters but generally, they are pretty inexpensive. A modest job by Braun.


Breville Moments Hot Drinks Maker – £62.00

You can rely on Breville to come up with a whole different take on the Coffee Machine as a concept and they’ve duly delivered. Rather than relying on expensive pods, the Breville hosts tanks for milk and water. These are heated for mixing with your preferred instant coffee or hot chocolate products – genius.

Admittedly, it’s a different choice from our experts but sometimes instant products are all you can get your hands on. Not everyone has access to a premium supermarket in which to secure the finest Arabica beans. A problem Breville have solved with this Moments machine.

The machine heats up in around 3-minutes, just a tad faster than the average kettle. It makes use of fresh milk whereas some budget models rely on powdered options. We do concede it’s a straight choice of water or milk but it’s so simple to use and so innovative. We just couldn’t help but include it on our list!

Best Coffee Machine Under £100

This is a very subjective matter as consumers will each have their own preference on coffee products. Though, we genuinely believe any of the machines featured will satisfy even the pickiest of connoisseurs. Whether you want to take on the challenge of becoming a barista, or would prefer to simply just press a button; there’s a machine here for you.

Don’t limit yourself to a budget machine just to save a little money; the majority of expensive models truly are worth it. We strongly advise looking into the guarantees and warranties in detail. Most brands won’t replace the likes of a broken jug so be sure to check the small print.


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