Five of the Best Nespresso Machines


Nescafe’s Nespresso brand is one of the best known and most loved coffee brands on the planet. They were pioneers in Capsule coffee dispense and it’s easy to see why they have become one of the biggest names in the industry. Their range of products is so expansive that you are able brew coffee from around the world in your own kitchen in the blink of an eye.

Over the last decade, Nespresso machines have been manufactured by a select group of brands as the company seeks to take advantage of the growing demand. The most common machines are manufactured by the likes of Siemens, Krups, Magimix and DeLonghi but which is the best of the bunch? Our guide will answer that question for you; 


DeLonghi Nespresso Lattissima Plus – £735.00

The first thing that may put you off about this machine is no doubt its hefty £735.00 price tag. We admit, this does seem like a lot to spend on a coffee machine but bear with us and we’re sure we can justify its place here. Firstly, this machine is undoubtedly the best capsule machine on the market.

Not only does the machine come with DeLonghi’s manufacturing expertise and excellent aftercare, but also with a host of features that no other Nespresso machine can offer. The machine comes to temperature in a rapid 40 seconds. It also has a maximum pressure of 19 bar, priding itself on efficiency. The Lattissima really does top the table as far as Nespresso machine are concerned.

The machine also has some quirky features you never knew you needed! For example, you can program one of the keys to dispense your favourite drink with a single touch and it even offers an automated milk frothing system. The jug is mounted on the front of the system and can dispense hot, frothed milk in an instant. Far superior to a frustrating steam arm!

There’s no hiding the fact that this is an expensive item and whilst we do appreciate it may be outside of many budgets, it is the sheer value for money that attracted us to this machine. It’s well worth the expense. If you aren’t able to afford a new model, Amazon’s second hand market has slightly used options at greatly reduced prices.


Krups Pixie Nespresso Machine – £360.00

Now we’re talking sensibly, half the price of the Lattissima but that by no means half the quality. The Krups Pixie is manufactured by one of the best brands on the market and is a star in its own right.

An innovative design sees the heating elements neatly contained in the centre of the machine. With a rear mounted, removable water tank, its capacity is impressive as ever. Pods are inserted directly above the dispense nozzle to create an pleasantly aesthetic machine. Though, we are very much aware looks aren’t everything.

The Pixie heats up in just 25-seconds and will brew from a Capsule in 30 seconds flat. This machine is perfect for those on the go or those who don’t like to wait for their coffee. But doesn’t such a quick process take a lot of energy? Not at all! The quick consumption time goes to power-off almost immediately – A-rated efficiency.

We didn’t think we’d find anything as impressive as the Lattissima but the Pixie soon swayed us. The only con here is the lack of frothed milk but with the £375 saved by not buying the DeLonghi, you can buy yourself a steamer.


Magimix Pixie Nespresso Machine – £149.99

You’re probably asking why you’d buy the Krups Pixie when the Magimix is even more cost effective for essentially the same machine? Whilst they may look identical, they aren’t the  same at all. 

The Magimix heats up a lot slower than the Krups despite using the same Thermoblock element. 25-seconds is ludicrously quick so you can excuse the Magimix for being noticeably slower. The delay is offset by an innovative standby system that allows the Magimix to retain much of the heat without drawing any energy from the mains. A* for energy efficiency.

Its biggest positive is the inclusion of the Aeroccino 3 milk foamer within the purchase price. The Krups is let down by its lack of milk frothing options and the Aeroccino combats the issue for the Magimix. Granted, the peripheral is only £50 to buy separately but when it’s included in the purchase price for the Magimix, there’s no room for complaint.

So which is superior? The Krups is faster but the Magimix is more versatile. The choice is yours and comes down to budget more than anything else. If you can justify double the spend for a faster machine then the Krups is the better option all round but the Magimix is a superb alternative for less than half the price.


Magimix Nespresso U – £129.95

Magimix feature yet again on this list with a very ergonomic approach to a Nespresso machine. The Nespresso U was developed based on customer feedback…the public has spoken! In brief, consumers found the Pixie and similar models a little too long on their work surfaces as well as being too difficult to move and store thanks to their rear mounted water tanks.

To address the issue, the Nespresso U has a water tank that can be moved through 180 degrees allowing for a side mounted tank if required. This makes the U a better prospect for shallower worktops or cupboards. In addition, the U shares the same Thermoblock element and standby modes as the Pixie.

Three preset cup sizes and an automatic capsule ejection system are great features. There is also a three year Nespresso guarantee which includes home collection. This machine is an absolute steal at £129.95; you even receive 16 free capsules!

Sadly, the Aeroccino isn’t included in the purchase price making the pricing field a little more level. The Pixie doesn’t feature the moving water tank but taking the Aeroccino out of the bargain would leave it at around £99.99. The U is more expensive and this is without the cost of the peripheral.

The money saved overall will no doubt leave you with enough spare change to buy the Aeroccino if you can justify having it. It’s all down to preference in this respect.


AllMyCoffee MCM001 Coffee Machine – £24.99

Yes, you read that correctly! This clever machine does only cost £24.99, nearly thirty times cheaper than the Lattissima. Though, don’t be fooled into thinking this is always the way to go. There’s a story behind the low price.

The AllMyCoffee machine isn’t a registered Nespresso product. Instead, it has been designed by a third party to be compatible with Nespresso pods. The company in question have worked as closely to the rules and regulations surrounding the machine’s design to avoid a corporate legal case. Inexpensive Nespresso coffee but is it all above board?

Absolutely; the machine is COMPATIBLE with Nespresso pods whilst not being specifically designed to use them. This makes it a selling point without Nestle actually being able to shut them down – genius.

We do advise exercising caution when considering the AllMyCoffee machine, however. The manual states the machine is compatible with ‘most’ Nespresso capsules. This led us to think some may not work with the system as it does not say ‘all Nespresso capsules’. That said, everything we tested worked fine.

Another concern here is the lack of any guarantee or warranty. There’s nothing included in the box nor any mention of a warranty in the manual so it reverts to statutory rights which is of course 12 months warranty from purchase.

Don’t receive our advice the wrong way; we do strongly recommend the AllMyCoffee machine if you’re on a very limited budget. We just worry about the lack of full Nespresso endorsement!

Best Nespresso Machine

The machines we have tried and tested cover the bulk of the market. We tested far more than these five machines, though we came to the conclusion we should only recommend products we had full faith in.

We advise you look at three major factors: Value for money, Warranty and Quality of Coffee. As far as this criteria are concerned, we recommend the Magimix Pixie with Aeroccino 3. The machine covers all bases and includes an expensive peripheral within its purchase price. It’s also the most reasonably priced in terms of value for money and importantly, produces superb coffee.

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