Manual Espresso Coffee Machine

If you make a beeline for the nearest Costa Coffee or Starbucks whenever you leave the house, it may be time to invest in your very own barista style Coffee Machine. The process is simple in premise; insert ground coffee, apply pressure and the machine will do the rest. Though in reality, it’s a little more difficult than that.

With Manual Espresso Machines, it’s all down to the user to apply the appropriate amount of pressure in order to brew the perfect coffee. Too little pressure will produce a weak brew whilst too much pressure will force too much water through too quickly resulting in a nasty, burnt taste. However, like in any walk of life, practice makes perfect.

Though, just to add another level of difficult, many Espresso machines come with steam arms for heating and frothing milk. But this is just another skill you’ll be able to develop over time!

To begin with, the process may be difficult but the rewards are infinitely worth it. You’re likely to waste a lot of coffee as you practice. You will also probably need to invest in a bean grinder as freshly ground beans produce a superior brew.

If you’re patient, or if have worked as a barista before, Espresso machines are definitely best for you but if it’s ease of use you’re looking for, move on!

Bean-to-Cup Machines

Easily the most versatile machines on the market, Bean-to-Cup machines have in-built bean grinders and produce filter coffee directly into a cup. All you need to do is push a button! Some also have milk dispensers and steaming arms should you prefer a milky brew.

There aren’t too many cons with Bean-to-Cup machines and many brands place their main focus on this style of machine. Of course, they do require some attention such as removing used coffee as soon as. The stuff can mould in as little as 24-hours so can make for a nasty surprise if you do forget.

The ease of use far outweighs the cleaning issues. If you prefer a simple process but enjoy a good brew, the decision is simple. If the cleaning problems are a stumbling block, opt for a more basic model. You’ll have no steam arm to clean and a manual loading system so can’t forget about the waste.